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BDO Consulting, LLC

Providing guidance to organizations and their stakeholders.

BDO Consulting, LLC assists underperforming organizations through transitions by providing a range of strategic restructuring services. Its goal is to help clients improve their business performance and to ensure the success of all stakeholders. Its seasoned professionals draw upon their knowledge and experience to add depth to an organization’s management team by providing interim management, debtor-side turnaround, financial advisory and secured creditor services across a wide range of industries.

Interim Management

BDO Consulting's interim management services provide guidance to organizations—and their stakeholders—experiencing distressed business challenges. Its professionals, who are often retained by and report to boards of directors, offer a range of capabilities to assist clients with smooth transitions and timely resolutions to organizational difficulties. It provides the following services during corporate advisory restructuring:

  • Provide situational experience and strategic insight to the board and management
  • Serve as CRO, CEO, COO and CFO
  • Hold positions in or out of bankruptcy and pursuant to plans of reorganization
  • Address and develop resolutions to business and financial challenges

Debtor-Side Turnaround Advisory Services

Its turnaround services focus on improving an organization’s financial performance by identifying and repairing operational weaknesses. In this capacity, we:

  • Report to boards of directors or CEOs
  • Lead turnaround and restructuring efforts
    • Cost containment
    • Margin enhancement
    • Product-line, plant, site and profit-center profitability
    • Resource utilization improvement
    • Balance sheet rightsizing
    • Secured and unsecured creditor negotiations
    • Inventory, SKU and store rationalization
    • Assessment and supplementation of management capabilities
  • Bankruptcy strategy, plan development and implementation
  • Lead capital structure activities, sale and valuation process
    • Refinancing of senior and junior debt
    • Forbearance agreement negotiation
    • Equity infusions
    • Intercreditor agreements and overline facilities
    • Valuation of assets and business lines
    • Evaluation of enterprise valuation
    • Debt capacity
    • Identification of potential asset divestitures and expected proceeds
    • Assistance in management of sale process

Secured Creditor Advisory Services

Its BDO Consulting, LLC professionals are highly experienced in the complex arena of secured creditor services, including:

  • Corporate advisory viability assessments
  • Liquidation analysis
  • Due diligence for storied refinancings
  • Assessing and refining company restructuring plans

Venture Capital & Private Equity Advisory Services

BDO Consulting's integrated operational strategic assessment process quickly identifies issues, opportunities and challenges that can result in increases in, or risks to, portfolio company enterprise value. Its professionals are sensitive to its clients’ business challenges, having extensive experience both as entrepreneurs and as CEOs, and understand building enterprise value because we have done it. We know how quickly business and management challenges can dissipate enterprise value. BDO Consulting is a division of a national accounting firm with international resources, and its professionals leverage the wide range of resources and high-quality services that come with that distinction. Most executives are trained to grow businesses—few, however, are trained to reverse declines and rapidly reposition a company's growth or stability.

It adds value by providing the following specialized services:

  • Viability assessments and business plan revalidation
  • Improvement of underperforming businesses (by consultants or interim management)
  • Development of exit strategy (by creating options through implementation)
  • Management validation and coaching

Industries Served

The professionals of BDO Consulting, LLC have experience serving clients with revenues of $50 million to $2 billion across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Aircraft overhaul and composites
  • Computers, software and hi-tech
  • Food distribution
  • Government contractors CALEA
  • Industrial and automotive distribution
  • Medical products and pharmaceuticals
  • Metals fabrication, machining and processing
  • Paper and office products
  • Personnel and guard services
  • Real estate
  • Refining and distribution
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications: broadband, CLECs
  • Trucking and marine transportation

Profit Improvement & Post-Acquisition Integration

Multifunctional teams from BDO Consulting and BDO Consulting, LLC assist organizations to increase value by working closely with management to develop a detailed understanding of the organization’s operations and processes. Services include:

  • SWOT analysis and action plans
  • Value-added and supply-chain analysis
  • Organizational redesign
  • Process redesign
  • Overhead and infrastructure cost savings

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