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Computer Forensics & E-Discovery

The careful collection of electronic information is critical for organizations conducting investigations or responding to potential litigation and regulatory enforcement actions. Our computer forensics and e-discovery professionals assist clients with a depth of knowledge of legal evidentiary procedures and recognized best practices. We draw upon our experience with technology to help determine the locations where relevant information is likely to be stored, identify available information and advise on the process for the efficient and effective retrieval, analysis and presentation of information.

Assisting law firms, government agencies and organizations in a wide range of industries, our professionals leverage BDO Consulting’s dedicated, state-of-art Computer Forensics & E-Discovery Lab to collect, process and produce relevant information for our clients. We are experienced in engagements analyzing a few hard drives to matters involving securing and analyzing networks and hundreds of pieces of individual media in multiple countries. Our professionals include certified computer forensic specialists, certified e-discovery specialists, former members of law enforcement, certified fraud examiners, licensed private investigators and certified public accountants.

Our Computer Forensics & E-Discovery Services

Computer Forensics

Our computer forensics professionals discreetly access and image computers, networks and other storage media, performing in-depth analyses in our secure forensics lab. Employing a variety of techniques using state-of-the-art software, procedures are tailored to address clients’ needs. Chain-of-custody documentation is prepared and maintained and quality control procedures are employed at critical points throughout an engagement. Our professionals communicate regularly with our clients to discuss project status, results and next steps.


Our e-discovery professionals leverage sophisticated technology to assist clients in efficiently and cost-effectively identifying documents potentially responsive to an investigation or litigation. Using customized solutions, our professionals remove non-relevant data through data filtering, deduplication, near deduplication, metadata analysis and keyword searching. We can assist clients in drafting or revising keywords based on software that analyzes the frequency of the keywords. Our proactive, problem-solving approach has enabled our professionals to successfully implement solutions for clients confronted with complex situations such as foreign government security requirements or multinational, multilingual e-discovery review.

On-Site Computer Forensics & E-Discovery Lab Solution

BDO Consulting’s certified computer forensics and e-discovery specialists assist with investigations by securing relevant data in a dedicated, state-of-the-art computer forensics lab. The lab is outfitted with industry standard computer forensics and e-discovery software fitted with powerful workstations. It maintains e-discovery review platform hosting capabilities and supports laptops and mobile devices used by forensic professionals in the field. Fully secured, climate-controlled and requiring authorized access, the lab is supported by a dedicated file server maintained in an isolated location. Client data is also secured through off-site storage and is transferred in a secure manner.

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